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Monday, 6 April 2015

An Update

Took this pic a little while ago of costume racks in my spare bedroom. All are overloaded, there are a couple of racks not in the photo and there are still costumes to go on them but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel a bit brighter everyday.It is amazing how much time it takes to press pieces and check for threads. My husband is helping out with set construction with some other men twice a week. I have my furry helpers but it does get lonely at times especially when things go awry. 
Saturday night we went to do our penguin guiding and did not expect to see too many penguins come ashore as it is near the end of the season. Imagine our surprise when we saw groups of 8 and 10 birds at a time. Might have had something to do with the lunar eclipse on Saturday night . It was hard to get a good pic because we had intermittent cloud cover.

Lunar Eclipse April 4th 2015
We also had a glorious moon last night.

The cats have been helping from on high

and in the middle of the patterns, they are ever present.

Back to some freebies. 
Julia's Needle Designs also have a lovely sport font which would be great for a boy. There are quite a few letters in each download.
Ageless Embroidery have started a new spring flowers font. 
Over at Oregon Patchworks JHB Designs have a lovely Think Pink ribbon set of  6 free designs. This is just one of them.

I must apologise. I do have a few emails to reply to so hope to get to them early this week.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Don't miss these freebies

Just a quick post to make sure that you do not miss these free designs.

After I have finished making costumes and the show is over I am going to set up a Vicki's Fabric Creations Facebook page so that I can make quick posts such as these much more easily and frequently.

Embroidery Library have four lovely floral designs free until April 5th so don't miss them. This is just one of them. They would be lovely on a table centre or runner.
Julia's Needle Designs has a set of Easter Owls until April 5th as well.
Make sure to collect the Husqvarna-Viking April free sewing project, a cathedral windows runner with this free design

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Easter and a Freebie Roundup

Happy Easter to all.
I must apologise for taking so long to make a new blog post. Things have been steaming ahead in the costume department. I have been working on costumes from 7am to around 9.30pm each day for the last two months. The end is in sight but it is taking a real effort to get here. I am presently working on some 1950's wedding dresses. I am making them tea length which became popular back then.

I must also apologise to Sue . She sent me in this pic a couple of weeks ago of her finished BFC 11th Anniversary BOM that we started at the end of last year and I have been forgetting to put it up.
Sue's BFC 11th Anniversary BOM quilt
For those of you who are doing the BFC Yahoo group 10 000 member BOM with me please make sure to download over the next day or so all of the designs from the links that Suz has provided.

Kreative Kiwi have some cute sewing related designs for free download. I am not really sure how many more there will be but there are 8 posted to this point. The little ric rac frames around the designs are very useful as well.

This gorgeous Love To Bike design is available for limited time from Urban Threads.
This is just one of the design available from the BikeStore.  Go for a bit of a search around the site to find freebies from previous years. There is a new design every month and there are some from previous years.

Lagrangeauxloops is a blog that has a lot of freebies. The latest is this cute little zebra design. Although not in English it is easy to see where the download the zip files as there is a paper clip beneath each design.
Below are just two of the designs available for a few months on the  Creative Machine Embroidery site. Click on each project to go to a description of the project in the current issue of the magazine and download any free designs that may accompany it. There is also an ITH Tissue case so make sure to grab that.
Embroidery Library have their April free designs up as well. I have been too busy and forgot to get the last two months.

Kenny Kreations have  a lovely Tea/Coffee pot morning tea design. You can find the link on their blog to go to the download page.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bit of a catch up.

It has been a while since my last post but the grass has not been growing under my feet.

The completed costume garment count now stands at over 80 pieces and it is good to see those items done and dusted. I spent last Thursday sewing on approximately 120 metres of red sequins onto four costumes.

I had not been out to the Lillico penguin platform for a few Saturday nights due to being unwell. All but 2 of the baby birds have gone and there are many adults on shore moulting. Once they have gone back to sea we will finish the guiding season for this part of year and will start again in September. The sunset was particularly breathtaking on Saturday night due to the soft colourful hues.
Sunset over  Lillico March 21
I have just boxed up 14 more Bridie's Blossoms packages for the main northern Tasmanian regional hospital and they will be delivered to the hospital this coming Friday.
Bridie's Blossoms packages
 The new packages contain the new keepsake pin that I have put together with charms attached. The pin is presented in a little white organza bag.
At the request of the hospital I have changed the design of the 26-30 week gowns to make it easier for hospital staff to dress the little angel babies of that gestation. Similar to the 17-20 and 21-25 weeks sizes it is a little tabard type gown with a back opening . The sides are also open and closed with ribbons. This will now be the pattern for future packages of that size.

I have also just now sent out Block 1 of the BFC Yahoo 10 000 member BOM to those who are participating.
BFC Yahoo 10 000 Member  BOM Block 1

Monday, 9 March 2015

Project Round up

Another week has marched by and  I am still knee/arm deep into costume making. The racks are bending under the strain. Still a fair way to go but getting there. The last four weeks have been the most crucial in terms of getting most of the basic costume sets well underway. It is a long way around a circular skirt when you have to level and hem them and there are 40 plus of the to do.
Costumes for  All Shook Up
Elizabeth is well through her BFC  11th Anniversary quilt. She is going to add extra blocks to each side to make it into a queen sized quilt cover. We will photograph each of the additional blocks and show you where we placed them if you wish to do the same.However, I will not be doing full instructions for each of those blocks 
Elizabeth's BFC 11th Anniversary BOM

Lexie has just started her Anniversary BOM quilt with a different colour palette again. Lexie is making a quilt for her daughter.
You can get some inspiration from the colour scheme of these ladies as we commence the new BOM with the BFC 10 000 member set of designs .

We have some HIA Stack Em quilts finished. 

Lorraine,Shirley,Tineke have used differing colour palettes to great effect.
Lorraine's Stack 'Em BOM

Shirley's Stack'Ems BOM

Tinekes Stack'Ems BOM

Karen has once made a small quilt from the blocks of the  Forest  Owls BOM
Karen's Forest Owls BOM
Sharon has finished her BFC Graceful Air, Land and Sea BOM from last year.
Sharon's Graceful Quilt

I hope to get the first block out to everyone who has signed up for the new BFC 10 000 member BOM. The requirements list has gone out and Suz has now put 10 designs up on the group page. I am going to do my quilt in Black,Red and White( what a surprise)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

March already!

I just don't know where the weeks have been going. I have been working on costumes but for the last couple of days have been  making items for the Bridie's Blossom's packages. I have also just finished lining 7 more boxes for the little angel babies here on the  North West Coast of Tasmania.

Woke this morning with a raging sore throat,throbbing headache stuffy nose. This is the first time I have had a cold since retiring at the and of 2012. Could be because I am burning the candle at both ends with 10+ hour days sewing. Today was not a day to be designing and cutting out costumes even thought my little helpers were here with me.

I hope to send out the requirement list for the BFC 10 000 member BOM over the next day or so. If you have not received an email about this from me and would like to join in please let me know. Please be aware that this will strictly be a BOM up until the middle/end of June.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Another week has passed swiftly by

It seems to be that as we get older the weeks just seem to fly by. I am sure that when I was working it took longer for each Friday to roll around that it does now.

We have had a week of hot and humid weather and I hate it. Think we need a good thunder storm to clear the air. We have had a couple of glorious sunrises during the week.

I am moving along quite nicely with my costume making even though the embroidery has been a bit hampered by the helper I have had sleeping on the machine table.

At the moment I am trying to make a costume similar to this beautiful vintage dress which I found a photo of. Just drafting the pattern at the moment.

Those of you in the BFC Yahoo group will know that Suz has sent the link to download the first 2 designs in her 10 000 member free set. The  black and red combined design is one idea of how I will use Design 1.in the new BOM I will do with the free set.

If you would like to be a part of this BOM please email me.